About Us

The Haringas go. That’s right! And we haven’t stopped since we started nearly ten years ago when my husband and I first met.

So let’s introduce ourselves. We are the Haringas! Pronounced Hering (as in the fish) – guh. Ben, Melissa and our three boys – Levi, Ivan and little Oliver.

Ben and I began our relationship with a ten day camping trip down the coast of Florida all the way to Key West and then back up the other side. At the time, we had only been dating long distance for three months if that says anything about our relationship. We fell in love fast and and found common ground in traveling and the outdoors. Now we have our three boys and continue to love adventuring with them! Whether we’re finding new forests to explore, farms to visit, small town eateries to enjoy or roads to travel, we love doing it together! Join us as we continue our journey as a family and share some amazing hidden gems with you.